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pc endurance board product plastic quote the importance of
Mar 08, 2018

For salespeople, product pricing is an integral part of their daily work. The more the number of quotations, the greater the chance of your turnover. Therefore, the cautiousness of the quotation is particularly important, the quotation will directly affect the cost control and profit of your subsequent orders. There is such a situation, the price of your error, the customer must not trust you, in this case, you use the ten cattle to pull, the customer did not pull back, no matter the price reported is low, or high . Customer will no longer trust you. Strange customers trust you, which was not very high at the beginning, but did not do well in the beginning. Clients could easily delete you from his filter catalog because many products in this market can not be Copy, so customers can find other suppliers from his more reasonable suppliers. There is a typical case, from Alibaba integrity, there is a customer needs to do plastic PC customers to find my product offer, customers need to quote the product is a special-shaped PC processing products, so that product needs Carry out mold for plastic processing, communicate with the customer telephone, probably understand the product's material, size, shape and quantity, while the customer also sent a three-dimensional drawings to me, because at that time I can not open the drawings, so only based on Customer description of the request for a product offer, when I reported the price in the past, the customer that my price anomalies, that I was obviously in his black. Like this situation, I re-price the product after the re-accounting, this PC plastic products reported the price is very reasonable, but the customer is unable to accept my price. There is another very important reason is that customers also sent the drawings to do a lot of plastic processing suppliers of PC, they will be based on the drawings of products offer, so so many suppliers, my price is obvious Much higher, I think there is definitely a problem with this issue. In this case, I explain the composition of the entire price to the customer. However, the customer can not accept my explanation and the subsequent communication with the customer is very passive. Later, when I returned to the office and reopened the drawings, after measuring the drawings, I found that there was a big difference between the product specifications of the drawings and the specifications of the customers' descriptions. Under such circumstances, the price certainly will be greatly different, This PC plastic products for a new unit price accounting. I am cheeky, re-explain to the customer, and later regain the trust of customers. Of course, this order of course, in my cheek case succeeded. But I need to review the issues in this incident, I did not carefully deal with the customer's price, resulting in the lack of trust in my customers. So I will be in the latter part of the quotation will be reviewed after the price to the customer. In some cases, although the quote is faster, but more importantly, accurate.0066BBQ5gy1ffilznkwm9j31kw16oh8k.jpg

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