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How to choose the thickness and specifications of PC solid sheet?
Jul 20, 2018

   PC solid sheet has won the favor of many decoration users with its series of advantages such as environmental protection, wear resistance, sound insulation and beauty. However, the products on the market have changed the eyes of consumers. I don't know how to choose PC solid sheet. Below, introduces several methods for selecting PC solid sheet. 1. Look at the packaging. Although the packaging does not determine the quality of the PC solid sheet, it is just like when buying other products. Good packaging gives a good first impression, and the packaging can also reflect the attitude of the manufacturer to handle things. Therefore, observing the packaging is also a part of the purchase of the PC solid sheet. 2. Uncover the protective film of the PC solid sheet and observe the surface. If there are more bubbles and particles, it means that the selection of raw materials is not the best. Generally, the PC solid sheet has no surface. Particles and bubbles. 3. Put the PC solid sheet in the sun for exposure. After a period of time, if the local board appears yellow, the quality of the PC solid sheet is not good. In addition, you can also put a blank sheet of paper under the PC solid sheet, and observe whether there is yellowing on the PC solid sheet by comparison. If it is yellow, it means the quality is not good. 4. Select a small PC solid sheet for the burning test. After the quality PC solid sheet is away from the fire source, it will extinguish itself. Through the above explanations for the majority of friends how to choose PC solid sheet, I believe that you have some understanding, has always adhered to "; integrity, quality, efficiency, service"; for the eternal purpose of the company, adhering to "; customers are always the focus of corporate attention "; business philosophy, welcome friends who need PC solid sheet to contact us.

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