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lexan polycarbonate solid sheet
Dec 14, 2017

lexan polycarbonate solid sheet

Universal solid plate: This unbreakable, transparent Lexan ™ polycarbonate sheet provides high impact strength and formability. Outdoor universal grade sheets provide one or both sides of the UV protection and withstand many years of intense light and extreme weather, Still maintain excellent clarity.

Optical quality solid board: 10,000 clean room technology, both crystal-clear transparency and value-added performance, such as light weight, low ripple, low distortion, optical defects is as low as possible.

Coated plates: Not only optical clarity, but also their unique abrasion and UV protection make them ideal for safe and protected daylighting in a wide range of applications. They can be used for both flat and curved structures. LexanPC solid Lexan polycarbonate sheet with high impact strength and formability.


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