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PC board installation instructions
Dec 14, 2017

1, is prohibited and not dry cement surface, acid, alkali material surface contact. Prohibit the use of organic solvents and glue, paint contact. Use a suitable neutral SILICONE.

(Silicone) Fill and cushioning materials Do not use PVC materials and water-proof tapes that contain bitumen.


2, Clean PC board has a protective film on the front and back, in order to keep the board surface smooth, do not damage the film before the installation is complete.


3, Before installation should be sunshine board (hollow board) all open holes with a sealing tape sealed to prevent dust, bugs into the board.


4, The installation can be based on the needs of the edge of the protective film opened about 50mm, so as to avoid the protective film is pressed under the bead, to be installed and then tear off the protective film.


5, PC board must be anti-UV signs side mounted.


6, In the installation process, construction workers can not stand directly on the PC board construction, the best stand on the springboard.


7, The construction is completed, the debris on the plate should be clean.

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