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PC hollow sun board installation and installation considerations
Dec 07, 2017

PC hollow sun board installation and installation considerations:

1. the board surface is banned from exposure to alkaline substances and aggressive organic solvents, such as: alkali, alkaline salts, amines, ketones, aldehydes, esters, ethers, sodium water, methanol and isopropanol. Skeleton paint can not touch the plate.

2. must be suitable for polycarbonate plastic neutral gel and pads.

3. drilling installation to allow expansion of the plate displacement, drilling diameter should be greater than 50% of the diameter of the screw, and the screw hole to the edge of not less than 50mm, the screw can not be too tight. Screw should not be too dense, it is recommended to use a screw every 50cm or more (the thicker the plate the greater the required screw spacing).


4. the two joints of the plate according to changes in the local temperature to reserve enough retractable space. Under normal circumstances the gap width of the screw diameter of more than 50%.

5. when the cold bend, the bending direction should be perpendicular to the direction of the plate rib, cold bending radius of the sun sheet must be greater than 175 times the thickness of the plate, cold plate bending strength must be greater than 100 times the thickness of the plate.

Cold bend radius calculation formula: R = 1 / 2h + ㎡ / 8h (R = bend radius; h = arch height; m = span).

6. the construction process is strictly prohibited direct drilling board screws, should first hit the screw holes, and then screws. If the plate needs to be bent shape, bending force is strictly prohibited on the screw.

7. regular cleaning and maintenance, to prevent acid-base dust on the plate corrosion, it is recommended to wash with warm water.


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