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PC sheet bending process, how much do you really know?
Sep 26, 2017

PC board bending, as the name suggests, PC sheet in the bending machine on the mold or under the mold pressure, the first through the elastic deformation, and then into the plastic deformation, plastic bending in the beginning, PC sheet is free to bend. With the upper or lower mold pressure on the sheet, the sheet and the lower surface of the V-shaped groove of the lower mold gradually tightened, while the radius of curvature and bending arm gradually become smaller, continue to press until the trip is terminated, so that the upper and lower mold And the board three points close contact, this time to complete a V-bend, that is, we commonly known as the bend.

Bend this common PC board processing technology, simple operation, with automatic and manual two kinds of automatic power state, automatic function, sheet after delivery, in the preset time, automatic bending forming. Softening the gap can be adjusted according to the thickness of the processing plate. Plate with a fixed heating, the deformation after forming a smaller amount. Through the hand wheel to set the angle, convenient and accurate, with the ruler to ensure the unity of the bulk products. The use of infrared heating method, than the furnace heating method greatly extended the service life. The voltage can be adjusted from the surface to avoid the paste plate when the paste surface phenomenon. Configure the water circulation system, increase the cooling rate, and installation of water temperature overheating alarm system to reduce the defective rate to ensure the safe use of equipment. Leakage protection function, coupled with ground wire, to ensure the construction, the use of security.


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