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Prevent sunlight board grading method
Aug 29, 2018

1. First of all, the first point is to solve the problem from the root cause. It means to choose a sun board with a long service life. Just like buying something, you pay for a penny, choose a sun board with a higher service life, and the price is quite the same. The higher, it is undeniable that its quality must be better than other sun panels, the possibility of yellowing aging is lower, and the life is longer.

2, the sun board will be processed by special process UV coating, which can not only prevent the sun board from aging and yellowing, but also anti-drip and anti-ultraviolet surface function, UV-coated sun board no matter It is of great benefit to plant or culture under the sun. The UV coating has a double-sided coating or a single-sided coating. Of course, the more layers are coated, the more obvious the effect of preventing aging and yellowing.

3. During installation and use, many customers do not pay attention to the sun plate with no UV coating in the direction of sunlight during the installation process, so the sun plate is aging and yellowing, so after the customer purchases the sun plate, Be sure to supervise the installation of the sun panels. 


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