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The added value of 3D printing to injection molding products
May 05, 2016

Through 3 d printing manufacture conformal cooling injection molds, can realize injection mould machining efficiency is as high as 70%.In the example shown in figure 2, an ice scraper mould, by raising material manufacturing methods for processing, make the injection time reduced from 80 seconds to 40 seconds, which means that the production speed of molded parts into two times.

Through the increase of material manufacture to the other key advantages of conformal cooling mold include: can be more uniform plastic forming parts products, make the products zero defect, and avoid the shrinkage caused by the uneven cooling speed of concave traces.In addition, in the development of new plastic injection products, help to achieve by less iteration to complete product development., of course, also includes the advantages of more manufacturing complex mould, due to reduced cooling channel processing and the joining together of link, the increase of material manufacturing method is quicker than the traditional way.

It should be noted that increasing material made of die surface precision is not high, to the late finishing and polishing processing to obtain the required surface precision.In this section, the traditional machining and increase material manufacturing advantages complementary.

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