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The difference between multi-layer PC sunshine board and double-layer PC sunshine board
Dec 07, 2017

The difference between the multi-layer PC sunshine board and the double-layer PC sunshine board is that the PC sunshine board is commonly used in the hollow two-layer structure. Compared with the three-layer four-layer honeycomb rice structure, the material performance difference is not big, The structure is more solid and the thickness is thicker and the weight per square meter is more superior to the thermal insulation performance. Of course, the solidity is naturally higher than that of the hollow two-layer structure, and is generally used in stadiums, swimming pools and other places that require more lighting and thermal insulation.

Polycarbonate PC sunshine board thicker, more layers, the better insulation, but not necessarily the thicker the better, as the PC board with the thickness of the added complexity of the program, the value added, is still to be Choose the right one.

PC sunshine board insulation up to 49%. PC board has lower thermal conductivity (K value) than the usual glass and other plastics, insulation 7% -25% higher than the equivalent glass, pc sunshine board insulation up to 49%. So greatly reduce the heat lost, for the construction of a warm equipment, is an environmentally friendly materials.

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