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what is the difference of Polyester plastic and plastic
Dec 14, 2017

Polycarbonate (PC),Nature of non-crystalline thermoplastic

Advantages 1, with high strength and elastic modulus, high impact strength, wide temperature range

2, a high degree of transparency and free dyeing

3, high heat resistance

4, good fatigue resistance

5, good weather resistance

6, excellent electrical characteristics

7, tasteless odorless harmless to human health in line with health and safety

8, forming shrinkage is low, the size of good stability

Disadvantages Molded product design is not easy to produce internal stress problems

Use of electronic appliances: CD film, switches, home appliances shell, signal tube, telephone

Automotive: bumper, distributor, safety glass

Industrial Parts: Camera Body, Machine Case, Helmet, Goggles, Safety Lenses.

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