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Why choose Zhong Ding hollow polycarbonate hollow plate reason
Dec 06, 2017

Light weight: The density of PC plastic is 1.2g / m2, the weight of  Zhong Ding  sunlight board is 1/12 to 1/15 of the same thickness of glass, and the security is not easy to be broken. It is easy to handle and install, which can reduce the weight of building, Simplify the structural design, save transportation, installation costs, reduce investment.

High light transmittance: good light transmission (light transmittance of 82%). In the sun exposure will not produce yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission.

Wide range of applications, good weatherability: the surface of the co-extruded layer of anti-UV to prevent sun light caused by the aging of the board. It maintains the stability of various physical properties within a temperature range of -40 to + 100 ° C, with an embrittlement temperature of -110 ° C and a softening temperature of 150 ° C. 4000 hours of artificial aging experiment, the yellowing degree is 2, the light transmittance is reduced by only 0.6%.

Good impact resistance: the impact of solid Zhong Ding sunlight is 250-300 times the ordinary glass, plexiglass is 20-30 times, is 2 times the glass, so in many areas will benefit more secure.

Flame retardant: according to the national GB8624-97B1 flame retardant test, no fire drop, non-toxic gas.

Construction and installation is simple: light weight, easy handling, drilling. Installation is not easy to break, can be cold-formed, easy construction, processing performance.

Good sound insulation: good sound insulation, can effectively reduce the noise, such as: 6mm thick double-decker sound insulation layer, the average noise attenuation 17db, so the international sunshine board is the first choice for the road noise barrier.

Insulation: Zhong Ding sunshine plate because of its special hollow structure, with good insulation properties, you can save temperature control costs.

Anti-condensation performance: Zhong Ding Sunshine plate can be made according to user needs to prevent fog plate. Such as for agricultural greenhouses and so on.

201604181417322860082.jpgThe company adopts the international advanced technology, the sheet material in contact with humid air forms film water on the surface, and flows downwards in an inclined direction without forming droplets.

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