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installation method

(A) installation method First, the embedded installation method (using pressure to connect PC board)

Installation Precautions:

(1) embedded in the support part of the protective film will affect the joint material and PC board combination, so the PC board embedded before the cut should be cut into a 5-10mm wide protective film.

(2) plate thermal expansion and contraction is different from the metal frame, and with the winding and bear the wind pressure, it must have the appropriate amount of embedded, thermal expansion and contraction of space and select the appropriate thickness. Under normal circumstances, the edge of the plate into the fixed frame 2.5CM above, thermal expansion and contraction of the general reserve of 3mm per meter gap.



(B) installation method Second, the screw installation method

Installation Precautions:

(1) Bolt or rivet piercing installation, the plate aperture aperture than the bolt or riveting lamp diameter 50%, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction.

(2) all the holes should be filled with silica gel, and coated with silicone exposed parts to prevent the cleaning agent into the edge, to prevent the extension of cracking and to prevent the entry of water or detergent.

(3) Rivet nail head should be 1.5-2.0 times larger than the handle, and pad to cushion the meantime, do not make the rivet head directly press the board, reduce the pressure.

(4) screws should not be screwed too tight, to avoid fracturing plate, long side, short side, please add metal pressure, and set aside the expansion of space, strengthen the fixed force.

(5) should not use PV gasket or asphalt composition of the waterproof tape.

(6) cold bending process, the bending part of the use of screws to avoid fixing.



(C) at room temperature bending design points (as shown in the left part of the figure below)

(1) Bending radius R = 175 x t (t = sheet thickness MM)

(2) PC board cutting principle, be sure to length greater than the width can be bent processing.



(4) bending part to avoid the lock screw (as shown in the figure on the right part of the shadow can not lock the screw)


(5) PC sheet cleaning and maintenance

(1) If there is filling material, grease, paint, etc. attached to the surface of the sludge PC sheet, be sure to remove it with a soft cloth before it is hardened.

(2) Do not use benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride cleaning, while avoiding direct sunlight or forced bending construction, solvent cleaning, otherwise it will crack.

(3) PC board surface dust, dirt generally first soft or sponge dip neutral detergent to wipe, and then rinse with water length, and finally dry with soft cloth.



(6) other matters to be noted

(1) cutting: hollow board can be cut with a sharp knife, solid plate can be used ordinary circular saw, band saw and hand saw cutting, but the cutting plate should be fixed to prevent vibration, and sawdust removed, Keep the plate clean.

(2) Drilling: sunshine plate drilling can be used ordinary drill, drilling diameter should be slightly larger than the bolt diameter, to adapt to the plate thermal expansion and cooling. In addition, 40mm from the edge of the board should not be within the range of drilling.

(3) hollow and solid plate both sides have a protective film, in order to keep the surface of the board smooth, do not damage the film before the completion of the installation. In the installation process, according to the need to edge of the protective film opened about 5CM, to be installed, and then tear off the protective film.

(4) during transport to avoid heavy objects placed on top of the plate, nor the tool can contact the plate.

(5) before installation should be sunshine board (hollow board) all open hole with aluminum sealing tape sealed to prevent dust, insects into the board affect the lighting.

(6) The sunboard must be protected from UV-proof side.

(7) in the installation process, the construction staff can not stand directly on the sun board construction. After the construction is completed, the debris on the sunboard should be cleaned up.