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Antistatic PC Panel Factory Price
Apr 18, 2016

Antistatic PC Panel substrates for polycarbonate (Polycarbonate), the English abbreviation PC, is a clear amorphous thermoplastic material. Market Shang common of anti-electrostatic PC Board usually is surface anti-electrostatic, that in General of PC board surface through plating film (Coating) technology, formed a layer anti-electrostatic of hard film, in perfect to retained base material inherent of physical characteristics of based Shang, makes its while has excellent of elimination electrostatic of function, surface resistance value in 10 of 6 to 10 of 8 times party ohm Shi for anti-electrostatic function of best State, can effective prevent dust of accumulation, avoid electrostatic may led to of against, to meet hi-tech times industry of special need.