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Five Major Trends Of The Industry
May 12, 2016

With traditional renewable resources industry scrap steel, waste paper and other commodity prices fall of a cliff and dismantling of waste household appliances industry competition, a large number of scrapped automobiles and dismantling, paper mills, household appliances dismantling enterprises, has been neglected for more and more attention to the increase in value of the waste plastics recycling;But with the rapid development of domestic urban garbage disposal industry, how to realize the value added in the process of urban garbage disposal waste plastics recycling also gradually become a hot spot.Predictably, the recycled plastic industry in our country industry is moving more stretching up to the new pattern of crossover;
As prime minister li keqiang referred to in the government work report "' Internet 'action plan after the concept of" Internet "rapid heating up, the Internet also gradually become a hot spot in renewable resources industry, the companies in the industry are trying to" recycling "Internet, online trading platform and other new patterns, such as: fujian quanzhou city high-tech environmental protection investment group and SMC, quanzhou, century village of renewable resources industry association.
Recycled plastic industry in China during the period of "11th five-year plan", "twelfth five-year" made by leaps and bounds of development, not only the top processing scale, and some key technology and equipment has become the international advanced level.With the aid of the two sessions, and the strength of the Internet, recycled plastic industry in the industry watches, believe in this trend, the recycled plastic industry will blaze a new path.