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Our Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd
Dec 06, 2017

Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, with the United States GE company, Taiwan's TCC has a production and sales cooperation. The company is a full professional green building materials PC sunshine board, endurance board raw materials, production, processing and sales of all-round enterprise, with more than 10 years of PC sunshine plate endurance board production technology and secondary thermoforming experience, the annual sales The amount can reach 120 million yuan.

The introduction of the original European production equipment and technology, can produce 24mm-1.5mm thick PC sheet. And according to your needs processing and manufacturing round arches, pyramids, pyramids and other shapes can be free to provide customers design, to meet all Order of different customers in the world.

Have a mature PC, PMMA structural plates and products production experience.

PC structure plate varieties: universal endurance board (single-layer), single (double) surface UV endurance board, particle board, grinding board, sound barrier transparent noise board, anti-wear plank, Multilayer), single (double) surface UV sunshine board, crystal board, anti-drip sunshine board, easy to clean sunshine board, anti-drip + easy to clean sunshine board, sunshine board, strong multi-layer sunshine board.

PC structure plate varieties: Universal single-board, impact board, sound barrier transparent board, anti-wear plank, anti-aging multi-layer sunshine board.

Products are mainly used for various types of construction sites roof, lighting sheds, highways, railway noise walls, thermoforming lighting, billboards and so on. In line with modern architectural decoration safety, fashion features.

The company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the "Customer First" principle to provide our clients with quality services, customers willing to work together for a better tomorrow. Welcome to our customers patronize! ! !


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