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PC Polycarbonate Panel Greenhouse Compared To Other Greenhouse
Apr 18, 2016


Ordinary glass, tempered glass, white glass, diffuse scattering glass.

Glass-covered greenhouse rate stability does not decay, long service life, easy maintenance, is the ideal material for greenhouse. With the development of glass, high light transmission and process optimized for horticultural production types also appear in the market.

Select single 4mm glass typically used for roof covering and wall to select good thermal insulation double glazing or insulating glass.

PC Board

Polycarbonate Board (PC Board), the manufacturer can provide a plate of different thickness can be cut, multi-layer PC Board good thermal insulation, light weight, easy to install.

However, the PC Board light transmission rate and service life of growth and decay, needs strong crop of light, best PC Board is used only for the side walls covered with glass roofing.

Bao Ying offers new PC Board mounting systems, more traditional installation seal better and enhanced insulation and to prevent water vapor from entering the inner layer.