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Pc Sheet In Stock Securities
Jun 16, 2017

pc sheet in stock Securities

A stock is a certificate of title issued by a joint stock company and is a kind of securities issued by a joint stock company to raise funds to each shareholder as a holding certificate and to obtain dividends and dividends. Each share represents ownership of a basic unit for the enterprise. There will be a listed company behind each stock. At the same time, each listed company will issue shares.

The ownership of each company represented by each share in the same category is equal. The size of the shareholding of the company owned by each shareholder depends on the proportion of the total number of shares held by the company.

Stocks are part of the capital of a joint stock company, which can be transferred, traded, and is a major long-term credit tool for the capital market, but can not require the company to return its capital.

Stock is a kind of securities, is the stock company in the capital to the investor when the issuance of the shares of the certificate, representing its holders (ie shareholders) on the ownership of the shares of the company, the purchase of shares is part of the purchase business, And enterprises to grow together.

Such ownership is a comprehensive right, such as participation in a general meeting, voting, participation in a company's major decisions, a dividend or a dividend spread, but a joint risk of the company's operational errors. Access to recurring income is one of the important reasons for investors to buy stocks, dividend payout is the main source of stock investors regular income.

Primary market

The primary market, also known as the Issuance Market, refers to the market in which the company sells new shares to investors directly or through intermediaries. The so-called newly issued shares include the initial issue and redistribution of the stock, the former is the first time the company sold to investors in the original shares, which is based on the original shares to increase the new share.

The operation of the primary market

(A) consulting and management

Where the joint stock limited company has established the establishment method, the registered capital is the total share capital of all the promoters registered in the company registration authority. In order to completely open up the market economy, the new company law in 2014 stipulates that the establishment of the limited company and the joint-stock company is no longer limited by the initial investment and payment deadline.

Where a joint stock limited company is established by way of offering, the registered capital is the total amount of paid-up capital registered in the company registration authority. (After the implementation of the new company law, the joint-stock companies and limited companies have abolished the minimum registered capital restrictions) laws and administrative regulations on the limited liability of the limited liability company has a higher provision, from its provisions.

1. The choice of funds to raise: the way to raise funds can be divided into public places (Public Placement) and private placement (Private Placement) two categories. Public recruitment needs to be audited, and the audit is divided into registration and approval.