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Pc Sheet The Main Ingredient
Jun 16, 2017

pc sheet The main ingredient

PC board resistant to weak acid, is the main component of polycarbonate, the use of co-extrusion technology CO-EXTRUSION made, showing PC board resistant to neutral oil, intolerant acid, not durable, not alkali, to add coated UV Caixing. But also high temperature, good lighting effect PC sun panels (also known as polycarbonate hollow board, glass Kaplan board, PC hollow board) is a high-performance engineering plastics ----- polycarbonate (PC) resin processing As a high-tech, comprehensive performance is extremely excellent, energy saving and environmental protection of plastic sheet, is currently widely used in the international plastic Building materials, there are other building decoration materials (such as glass, plexiglass, etc.) can not match the advantages.

(1) Transparency: P C plate light up to 89%, with the glass phase of the United States. UV coating plate in the sun burst will not produce yellowing, atomization, poor transmission, ten years after the light loss is only 6%, PVC loss rate is as high as 15% -20%, glass fiber is 12 % -20%.

(2) anti-impact: impact strength is 250-300 times the ordinary glass, the same thickness of the acrylic plate 30 times, is 2-20 times the tempered glass, with 3kg hammer following two meters fall no cracks, Glass "and" ring steel "reputation.

(3) anti-ultraviolet: PC board coated with anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating, the other side with anti-condensation treatment, set anti-ultraviolet, anti-deodorant function in one. Can block the UV through, and suitable for the protection of valuable works of art and exhibits, so that it is not UV damage.

(4) Light weight: the proportion of only half of the glass, saving transportation, removal, installation and support the cost of the framework.

(5) Flame retardant: national standard GB50222-95 confirmed, PC board for the flame level, that B1 level. PC board itself is 580 degrees Celsius ignition, self-extinguishing from the fire, burning will not produce toxic gases, will not contribute to the spread of fire.

(6) Flexibility: according to the design of the site at the site using cold-formed, mounted into the arch, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate and can also be hot-rolled.

(7) Sound insulation: PC board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of the glass and subgravity board has better sound insulation, in the same thickness conditions, PC board insulation than glass increased 3-4DB. In the international arena is the preferred material for highway noise barriers.

(8) energy-saving: summer cool, winter insulation, PC board is lower than ordinary glass and other plastic thermal conductivity (K value), insulation effect 7% -25% higher than the same glass, PC board Heat up to 49%. So that greatly reduce the heat loss, for heating equipment, building, is environmentally friendly materials.

(9) temperature adaptability: PC board at -100 ℃ does not occur when the crisp, at 135 ℃ does not soften, in harsh environments, its mechanical, mechanical properties and so no significant change.