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Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet Various Industries
Jun 23, 2017

Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet Various industries

PC sun panels are now popular in all industries, wherever we can see the sun panels everywhere, and its appearance and make PC sun board sales greatly enhance the other height, the reason why the popularity of fast , The main reason is that other similar products can not match the superiority of "ultra-high light transmission." Compared with the same kind of glass products, although the light slightly less than the point, but also by its tough hardness and make up.

Why Shanghai Jie resistant PC sun panels to achieve such a high light transmittance? Below the Shanghai Jie-resistant sunshine plate manufacturers on this issue for everyone simple analysis:

The main reason is that the thickness of only 77-83% of the transparent polycarbonate light transmission plate, one side of a protective coating, absorb UV. Its hardness is 5 times higher than the ordinary polycarbonate sheet, more importantly, the new sheet is fully able to withstand such as butanone, the day that water, alcohol, hydrochloric acid and xylene and so on erosion, and can For a long time to stay the same.

First, the actual market demand, a lot of stamina manufacturers in the development of durable board prices will be subject to market demand, in the case of greater demand, the corresponding product prices will be reduced, on the contrary, the price will be set relatively low.

Second, the canopy racks price of the development of the enterprise size, strength, for large-scale, strong strength of the enterprise, the production of product quality is very good, so the price will be lower than the average product price

Third, PC stagnant plate canopy prices are also developed with the business philosophy. Fourth, the price of the development process is also related to the market.

(1) hydraulic presses: stamping this PC board processing is limited to the thickness of the PC sheet stamping range of 1.5mm or less, if any special requirements, 2mm or even thicker plate can also be stamping. But the rapid increase in the cost of stamping, due to the increase in sheet thickness, tooling cycle will be reduced, the cost of changing the die will increase.

(2) stamping on the PC board material restrictions: PC board stamping process is not only the thickness of the material itself is limited, the same is the plate. In fact, not all of the plate will be used stamping process, attention, stamping on the plate requirements, the plate itself must have a certain toughness Caixing.

(3) the advantages of stamping: PC board stamping mainly because it can be large-scale, mass production, but also to ensure that a large number of production processes, all products can be consistent, so that each product to maintain the same. If the customer chooses a poor plate, there will be many holes on the surface, similar to this situation, it is recommended to use stamping process for processing, can form high-quality PC sheet. In short, in order to make PC board has a good practical effect, stamping processing is a good way.