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Polycarbonate PC Polycarbonate Panel Features
Apr 18, 2016

Product features

(1) transmission: p c light plate light transmission rate of up to 89%, deceased mother with glass beauty. UV-coated plate in the Sun prolonged sun exposure does not produce yellow, fog, poor light, ten years after the loss of light transmission loss rate is as high as 15% only 10%,PVC-20%, fiber glass, 12%-20%.

(2) impact: impact strength is 250-300 times of ordinary glass, the same thickness of the acrylic sheet 30 times, is tempered glass 2-20 times, falling two metres with a 3kg hammer crack-free, had a "broken glass" and "ring of steel" of the name.

(3) the UV protection: PC Board a co-extruded UV (UV) coated on one side with anti-condensation process, collection of UV-resistant, insulating anti-fog functions in one. Can block ultraviolet light passes through, and for protecting the precious artworks and exhibits, makes it from ultraviolet light damage.