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Research And Development Of High Performance Polycarbonate Flame Retardant
May 25, 2016

Representative products

] flame retardant PC plate / sheet: this series of product surface gloss, good heat resistance, self extinguishing, excellent impact resistance, coefficient of expansion is lesser, dimensional stability, electrical properties and resistance chemical performance excellent, high fatigue strength, meet the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety standard and UL94 fire rating reached vtm-0, various surface textures are available for customers to choose. 

The halogen-free flame retardant PC sheet / sheet: Based on flame retardant PC film, the original sheet on the new halogen-free flame retardant PC film. The flame retardant PC film can achieve non halogenated flame retardant, in line with the world famous enterprises the most stringent environmental requirements. The halogen free, no limit of heavy metals, phosphate free, green environmental protection, and other characteristics, plastic Jieshilong UL94-V0PC RoHS, TCO & Blue Angel etc. requirements of European environmental regulations and strict UL safety standard. In recent years, it is widely applied to auto parts, security, electronic industry, flying machine and train special plate and other aspects.

] anti-static grade flame retardant PC plate / sheet: UL94 rating of fire reaches V-0. The film is forming, mechanical performance is excellent, good size stability and high flame retardant grade at high temperature, suitable for power supply device, disk drive, bus, TV / monitor, PC board and business set up by the insulation used, when for insulation and EMI/FRI covered with metal foil attached.

] anti UV grade flame retardant PC plate / sheet: characteristics of highly transparent, both sides covered with transparent protective film, radiation proof, anti-aging ability, prevent material yellow color, commonly used to produce automotive bulletproof glass, protective mask, glasses, sunglasses, outdoor signs, signs, etc..

] scratch injury grade flame retardant PC sheet: highly transparent, anti scratch, impact resistance, excellent, durable, glasses industry, film switch, a liquid crystal display, instrument board, automotive and aerospace field of transparent materials.

] printing flame retardant PC plate / sheet: strong, highly transparent, beautiful, printing performance is good for in special printing, helmet, signs, nameplate, a protective cover.

] flame retardant PC plastic material, PC thermoforming materials, PC light box advertising material: products used for various types of packaging, police riot shields, police helmet, thermoforming light boxes, advertising and substrate materials.

Architectural decoration flame retardant PC material (PC endurance board, PC hollow sheet, PC clean light board, PC angle waves): products are widely used in lighting ceiling, highway sound barrier, the bank transparent partition, bathroom partitions, sunlight greenhouse, greenhouse, etc., with good impact resistance, sound insulation, noise reduction, sound, lighting, anti - ultraviolet, fire and other advantages. In addition, plating, sunglasses (CAP) class, general grade PC, I believe we have the ability and sincerity and your company to carry out a comprehensive and pleasant cooperation.