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Sunshine Board Wet Assembly Method
Apr 18, 2016

Wet mounting method

This system is mainly used for smaller facilities, such as a garage, the station canopy, rain canopy, greenhouses and many other replacement glass for the occasion. When using the wet Assembly method, as shown in Figure 2 basic requirements sheet sealing system must be able to withstand a certain amount of movement, allow thermal expansion without sacrificing its adhesion between the frame and sheet metal. General recommended using neutral Silicon ketone rubber and hollow Sun Board of wet type Assembly, but to special note, in using Qian must check by with sealed rubber of chemical sex, absolute not selection acid and the alkaline Silicon ketone rubber, because these curing agent will led to plate cracked, especially Dang has within stress Shi, in selection sealed rubber Shi, except consider chemical suitable sex outside, also to focus test, extends degrees and the resistance waiting sex,.