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Endurance Board + PC Whiteboard Advertising Light Boxes

Product specifications Product Features Impact resistance Light transmission Temperature resistance (2 times of toughened glass) (Transmittance up to 85%) (-40 ° C to +120) Weatherability Flame retardant Sound insulation (Surface UV absorbable UV blocking) (No fire drop, non-toxic gas) (Highway...

  • Features & Specification

    Product specifications


    Product Features


    Impact resistance                                        Light transmission                                      Temperature resistance

    (2 times of toughened glass)                      (Transmittance up to 85%)                         (-40 ° C to +120)

    Weatherability                                             Flame retardant                                          Sound insulation

    (Surface UV absorbable UV blocking)         (No fire drop, non-toxic gas)                  (Highway noise barrier designated materials)

    PC board physical table

    Name Attributes Value
    PC endurance board Density Weight: 1.2 kg / square, about one-half of the glass weight
    Transmittance 85% -90% transmittance of different thickness
    UV anti-UV performance 50μm UV layer, filtering sunlight 99% UV radiation
    Thermal expansion coefficient 0.065 mm / m ° c
    Operating temperature -40 ° c to 120 ° c
    Thermal Conductivity 2.3-3.9 W / m2 ° C
    tensile strengt > 60N / mm2
    Flexural strength 100N / mm2
    Tensile strength at break > 65mPa
    Thermal bending strength 140 ° c
    High impact strength 250 times glass, 20-30 times more acrylic, 2 times more tempered glass
    Fire-proof level B1 / V2, automatically extinguished in 60 seconds

    Products real shot

    White endurance board


    Product testing


    1) gardens, entertainment venues and places of rest of the singular kiosks;

    2) interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain wall of modern urban buildings;

    3) transparent cargo containers, motorcycle front windshield, trains, ships, cars, boats, submarines and glass ** shield;

    4) telephone booths, advertising signs, light boxes advertising, display layout of the exhibition; instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panel and the military industry;

    5) wall, roof, screen and other high-grade interior decoration materials;

    6) highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;

    7) Suitable for agricultural greenhouses and breeding sheds;

    8) for the roof of a modern eco-restaurant;

    9) Apply to all units or community bicycle shelters, balcony awning awning and roof rest shed;

    10) Suitable for office buildings, department stores, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities such as lighting ceiling.

    Plate installation instructions

    1、PC board is prohibited and not dry cement surface, acid, alkali material surface contact. Prohibit the use of organic solvents and glue, paint contact. Use a suitable neutral SILICONE.

    (Silicone) Fill and cushioning materials Do not use PVC materials and water-proof tapes that contain bitumen.

    2、Clean PC board has a protective film on the front and back, in order to keep the board surface smooth, do not damage the film before the installation is complete.

    3、 Before installation should be sunshine board (hollow board) all open holes with a sealing tape sealed to prevent dust, bugs into the board.

    4、Tthe installation can be based on the needs of the edge of the protective film opened about 50mm, so as to avoid the protective film is pressed under the bead, to be installed and then tear off the protective film.

    5、PC board must be anti-UV signs side mounted.

    6、 In the installation process, construction workers can not stand directly on the PC board construction, the best stand on the springboard.

    7、 The construction is completed, the debris on the plate should be clean.

    Company Profile

    Founded in 1999, Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of pc board. The company is located in No.42 Binhai 5th Road, Hangzhou Bay Industrial Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,Annual output value of billions. The main supply products are: pc endurance board, pc sunshine board, pc wave board, pc diffusion board, pc particle board, pc matte board, pc billboards and so on.

     The introduction of the original production equipment and technology in Europe, with 4 pc board production line, 4 advanced pc board processing machines to meet the needs of different customer orders.

     Products for various types of construction sites ceiling, lighting shed, highways, railway noise walls, thermoforming lighting, billboards and so on. In line with modern architectural decoration safety, fashion features.


    PC board production and processing processes


    Packing and shipping

    1, Transport: Single order full 30000 yuan, including freight, remote areas bear the logistics costs up to 500 per ton, Zhejiang and Shanghai in some areas can be delivered to your door.


    2, ordinary packaging: bubble film plus kraft paper packaging, 4.5mm thickness of the following reel packaging, sheet length no restrictions on transport. 4.5mm thickness above only flat packaging,

    The length is limited to a maximum of 60m.


    Custom packaging: large quantities of products, in order to prevent scratches plate, playing wooden tray.


    Our Certificate Production Equipment installation method | Technical parameters

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