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LED Light Box Plastic Panel

LED Light Box Plastic Panel

Zhejiang Zhongding PC proliferation led light boxes plastic panels billboard light source proliferation factory outlets

  • Features & Specification



    Universal, shock-resistant, single-sided / double-sided UV      Transmittance up to 82% -88%, haze 90% -94%


    Smooth + matte / double-sided matte                             Diamond grain particle board / litchi grain board

    2091594472_1306342607 (1).jpg2088812217_1306342607.jpg

    Provide a variety of circular wave / angle waves and colors     Hollow coating coating, anti-drip easy hollow plate, bright series of hollow plate, multi-layer structure sunshine board

    Product Information Name: PC Diffuser Plates Quality: 10 years Brand: Zhong Ding Level: AAA Supplier: Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. Color: Refer to the following form standard specifications: 1.22 * 2.44m Packaging: Roll / Plate Sales : Domestic and foreign Origin: Zhejiang Shipped to: Binhai Road, Hangzhou Bay District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, No. 42 mainly used: LED and fluorescent lamps, panel lights; advertising light boxes, billboards, etc.


    High-volume users, colors and specifications can be customized.

    Product advantages


    Endurance board impact force than the acrylic board 8 times the risk of almost no fracture.

    PC board lighting excellent, high transmittance of 75 to 89%.


    Surface UV agents on PC boards absorb ultraviolet light.

    Endurance board itself is not spontaneous and self-extinguishing.


    The product will not cause distortion or deterioration in the test range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C.

    Acoustic noise barriers of choice for the material.

    Products real shot


    High transmittance PC light diffusion plate     Provide double or single-sided UV function


    Plate materials for the German Bayer, SABIC base, such as Japan Teijin PC raw materials

    Manufacturers brand quality assurance

    Product use


    LED panel light                                                                   Advertising light boxes


    Panel Light                                                                            stage effects

    our service


    Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Company has two plant areas, the new plant is located in Hangzhou Bay Development Zone

    Factories have a sound warehouse management system for our customers a full range of logistics services2088382020_1306342607.jpg2091993625_1306342607.jpg

    Professional production of pc board and hollow solid board, the annual output of about 6,000 tons

    Factories have their own processing equipment to meet customer demand for processing products

    Purchase Notes

    About delivery

    Shipping amount over 20,000 single package to the terminal, more than 30,000 packets sent directly.


    About after sales

    After you place an order, our customer service staff will be the first time to contact you to confirm your order content, product model, price, duration and payment methods. Please pay according to the contents of the negotiation board costs, payment is successful, your order will be reviewed and passed into the production process.

    About shipping

    If the agreed delivery method is delivery, you will receive the goods delivered by Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. on the agreed date. You only need to sign the receipt. If the agreed delivery method is from One day in advance with the customer service appointment and agreed to date inspection inspection.

    Our Certificate Production Equipment installation method | Technical parameters

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