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PC wave plate

The products are made under the corrently most advanced technology,using Polycarbonate(PC) as main materials,mixing with anti-uv agent and other materials.they have stable properties,not easy to turn yellow and becoming inferior.their high ability to adsorb ultraviolet ray within ultraviolet spectrum range(290-400mm) is  approved to effectively absorb 99.9%UV.




Product Features:

Light transmission :the light transmission of the sheet is quite good which Is up to 85%.

Weather resistance :the weather resistant treatment of anti-uv on the surface of The sheet prevents the resin from turning yellow causing by ultraviolet ray. The UV agent has chemical bond to change ultraviolet ray into visible light, which has a stable effect on the photosynthesis of plants.

lmpact resistance: lts impact strength is 10 times of the ordinary glass, 3-5 times of the ordinary corrugated roofing sheet and 2 times of toughened glass. It is hardly broken.

Fire retardant : Through the national GV8625-88 test, its fire retardant is identified to be grade I, no fire drops nor toxic gas.

Temperature property m Me temperature from-40 t-+120 t. The product will not deform.

Light weight:It is light in weigh,easy to handle and drill, convenient for construction and procession. When cutting for installation, it is not easy to be broken.


Gardens, greenhouses and indoor fish farming sheds;

Skylights, basements, arch roof and commercial sheds ;

Roofs of waiting rooms and corridors of modem railway stations and airports;

Shades of public facilities such as modem bus stations,docks of ferries;                                                                     

Lighting for factories, warehouses and markets.





Clearclear blue,clear green,Brown、sliver and milk-white


For the orders,size can be custom-made.



1. Never contact the surfaces of wet cement, acid or alkali materials;

2. Never contact the organic solution or glue and paint consisting of the organic solution.